Elliott Blaufuss is a musician who has performed alongside Eric Hutchison, Philip Phillips, Gavin Degraw, and under his own brand opened for Kelley Clarkson. We talk about success in creative careers and how it’s not fame that determines the value of one’s creative contributions. 

Because every artist must define success in their career. And it should be on their terms; according to their vision. Otherwise, the metrics of the masses will make them believe that only fame declares who is “successful” at their craft. And while indie artists have never been more respected, or accessible to the public, for artists there is no replacement for fame – or the fortunes it brings. But this thinking is toxic. Because for musicians, podcasters, writers, designers, and any artist for that matter, it’s feast or famine. And few ever feast. 

So why labor for something that may never happen? 

And though we didn’t frame our conversation in this way, I retrospectively ask, what is the dollar amount of Beethoven’s fifth, or Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole “Over the Rainbow”? Surely their contributions, among many other artists surpass all monetary values. So why then is that the number one concern of artists why they live? 

Elliott has chosen a different path. We talk about offers he’s turned down because, in his own words, the opportunities would complicate his love for music. Because to Elliott music is a gift; a thing to cherish. And if monetizing means souring, then sorry money, you got to go. 

This episode is full of philosophical meanderings about socializing through media, life on the road and the meaning of home, and living simply as a means to achieving contentment. I’m stoked that Elliott joined us for an episode of Resilient Us. 

You can hear is latest EP, “Blue”, here

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