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Resilient Us is a podcast about resilient people and societies. The show is hosted by Nate Eckman, whose humor and inquisitiveness invites guests and listeners into unexpectedly raw moments. The show aims to both entertain and intellectually challenge listeners, as guests come from an eclectic background of disciplines. Ultimately, the show challenges the definition of “resilience” by extending its definition beyond stories of survival and heroism. Resilience, as Nate subtly argues in each episode, is a word that describes any person who undertakes a venture that opposes cultural norms or conventional wisdom. 

In addition to interview episodes, Nate hosts historical episodes, where he extrapolates the significance of primary texts and events of past. Inspired by the thought-provoking historical teaching he encountered at Columbia University, Nate shows listeners that history is indeed alive, well, and even shaping our world today. 

As a whole, Resilient Us is a collection of stories that inspire us all to broaden the definitions of ourselves. Despite the varying starting and ending points of each guest or historical narrative, what every story shares is that each person proved that they were made from more than their experiences or inherited life circumstances. They are a product of their resilience. 




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Schedule Resilient Us releases weekly on Tuesdays, shortly after midnight (Central, U.S. time)


Nate Eckman is the sole host, brain, and hands behind Resilient Us. (Of course, he has many people to thank for this journey). He’s a former infantry marine, graduate of Columbia University, and writer. He’s known for his essays on the cultural effects of the Forever War. Now he’s writing a memoir about coming-of-age after the world turned digital. Additionally, he writes screenplays about absurdities between digital and analog life. 

Location Resilient Us is recorded out of Austin, Texas. Remote guests are easily accommodated

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What people are saying about Resilient Us

"Resilient Us is my go to podcast when I want to hear people as they are, surviving and thriving."
Sean, from Ohio
"Resilient Us takes time to expose the good that comes from some of life’s toughest moments.”
Ken, from NYC
""Resilient Us engrosses and inspires. It offers a much needed reminder that everyone has a story and those those stories are almost always filled with trials and tribulations. While learning about others and about the world, you are also learning that your own struggles are what make you, you."
Becky, from Boston


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Resilient Us Logo, With Nate Eckman
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