The Story Behind a Premiere Austin Outdoor-Brand

Elliott Weeks is the founder of Old Enfield Supply Co., an Austin fashion brand that reflects the city’s down-home, cosmopolitan, feel. 

As I put it, Old Enfield Supply Co. (OES) has a classic feel with a novel flavor; its aesthetic is as unique as it is ubiquitous. A nod to outdoor living, grounded in simple sensibilities. The result of which makes OES as much as a lifestyle brand as, say, Outdoor Voices – another Austin staple. 

What made Elliott’s transition into starting his own fashion company is unique because at the time when he first thought of the idea he didn’t know a thing about sewing, sourcing materials, or any part of product lifecycle. Well… he knew one: branding. Prior to his entrepreneurial journey into OES, Elliott worked as a social media manager for large tech companies in the central Texas region. Experience which undoubtedly helped him scale his brand so quickly.

But everything else Elliott had to teach himself. How to sew. Where to buy materials. How to setup a marketplace. The entire process was foreign. Though, thanks to his mother and grandmother, he was able to learn how to sew quicker than most. 

Elliott’s story is so inspiring to me because its impetus could have also been its end. It’s not too far-fetched to believe that there’s another universe where Elliott still lives on today saying, “I’d love to start a fashion brand, but I don’t know a thing about clothes.” He instead chose to align his abilities with his desires. 

You could blame that mindset on his time in the U.S. Marine Corps, you could blame it on the fact that he just couldn’t shake the idea from his head. Regardless of what you attribute his early success to, Elliott’s a-lack-of-skills-won’t-stop-me-from-trying attitude serves as an inspiration to us all who want to be somewhere that we currently don’t know how to get to. 

To purchase any of Elliott’s works head to Old Enfield Supply’s website or at the retailer I first found them, Huckberry.

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And until next time, stay resilient.