Making Fitness Look Fun Again With Paul Alkoby, Videographer of the Tactical Games

Paul Alkoby makes fitness look fun. Over the past few years he’s worked as a videographer and photographer for cross-functional fitness companies, including CrossFit and, most recently, The Tactical Games. One look at his work and you’ll catch yourself saying, “I wanna do that.” 

But how Paul got to this position was a winding road of uncertainty, filled with self-doubt, and fears of failure. 

Like many veterans, Paul felt disenchanted with his career choices after service. The options seemed bland; lacked existential purpose. So Paul returned overseas, this time as a private contractor. 

That, he realized, was not the answer for “what should I do next for my life.” 

But a newfound love was forming. While Paul was traveling a lot to fulfill his contracts he picked up a camera to help a gym he loved run their social media. He soon found himself wandering during free hours taking pictures of anything that looked remotely interesting. He was beginning to love the camera itself – adjusting shutter times, aperture, etc

So began his calling. 

As Paul started sharing his work more and more people reached out to him for his eyes to get on their projects. They wanted to see the world Paul saw the world. 

Naturally, Paul’s initial clients were in the fitness industry – where much of his work remains today. 

Through this journey, Paul has helped showcase incredible athletes and programs that are changing people’s lives. 

Among the topics of our conversation, Paul and I talk about 

  • Creativity as a means to achieving mental health 

  • Concerns over privacy in the digital age 

  • Overcoming imposter-syndrome 

  • What to do when you feel completely disconnected from your work 


As always, let me know what you think of the show! And until next time, Stay Resilient.