Befriending Suicidal Thoughts

After a raid gone awry while overseas during his time in the Marines, Kionte lost his right leg. Though he recalls the moments after in a matter-of-fact tone, the truth was the Kionte lost more than just his leg that day. 

He lost his self confidence, his self esteem, his ability to ever walk into a room and not be looked at twice. 

What followed were bouts of emotions he never faced before: melancholy, depression, and suicidal thoughts. 

This next episode of Resilient Us is all about the darker parts of our mind. What happens when you no longer see a future for yourself? How can you manage anxiety, melancholy, depression – will these things ever leave? 

I’m most excited about this episode because Kionte always smiles. But happiness doesn’t preclude someone from suffering from debilitating thoughts. 

After our conversation I don’t think I’ll ever think about depression the same. And since the odds are that you or someone you love suffers from his exact same, tormenting thoughts, it’s a good thing to rethink.

So here’s to renewing our minds for the ones we love, for being there for them when they can’t be for themselves. 

Because really, resilience is a product of community.