About The Resilient Us Podcast

The Podcast Resilient Us is about resilient people and societies. 

Each episode Nate sits with a guest that embodies resilience across many disciplines. 

For instance, these guests are artists, military service-members, entrepreneurs, academics – people from all kinds of backgrounds. In short, their resilience has changed not only themselves but the places where they work, play, and live.

Certainly, listeners of Resilient Us will be inspired, entertained, and most importantly equipped to live more resilient. Consequently, Nate argues that we are all made from more than our experiences. Above all, we’re made from our tenacity, grit, and indomitable spirit: our resilience, which keeps us moving even after we’ve failed.

In addition to his scheduled guests, recommendations or show feedback can be submitted here.

About Nate Eckman

author and host of resilient us, nate eckman

Nate Eckman is a writer and host of the Resilient Us podcast. His show is about resilient people and societies.  

Before starting the Resilient Us podcast, Nate studied History at Columbia University. During his time at Columbia, he wrote about the pre-revolutionary relationship between the U.S. and Iran. Most importantly, it was at Columbia that Nate’s love for storytelling blossomed.

After that he published his first essay, “becoming a veteran without war.” As a result, Nate established himself as a critical and poignant voice within the military veteran community. Above all, these essays comment on the psychological and cultural effects of military service. Subsequently, his works are syndicated through national channels, including T&PReal Clear Defense, and The Military Times.

Now, Nate writes screenplays and is drafting his first memoir. Nate’s memoir is about coming-of-age when the world turned digital. For instance, Nate details what it was like to know the world through the internet before in-person. Most importantly, he discusses how those experiences set the stage for disillusionment into adulthood. 

Additionally, Nate’s screenplays comment on the absurdities between digital and analog life.

Nate lives outside Austin with his wife, Emily.